• How much does it cost to have a survey done?

It depends very much on the type of the survey you require and the end product you would like to receive and your timeline.

To help answer this question please provide a land surveyor with certain details about your project such as: brief description of the project, address of the property, project timelines, cost expectation (if applicable).

  • Doesn't the government have this information already?

No, they do not. Between federal, provincial and municipal governments there is a lot of information related to ownership, utilities and infrastructure. However, this information was collected for government purposes and almost always does not go into the detail needed regarding individual properties. Matters such as property lines between neighbours, site surveys, and land development almost always require a BC Land Surveyor to be involved to create an accurate up to date survey.

  • How long is a survey good for?

Typically, a topographicsurvey is good for 6 months. For example, most municipalities only accept survey plans that are less than 6 months from the date of survey. Often, when a survey was originally done by our company and needs updating, we are able to update certain work that is more than 6 months old without redoing the entire survey. This depends mostly on what has changed on site since we last visited.

One of the most important factors is whether or not boundary markers and reference points are still there.

  • When do I need a survey of my property done?

There are a variety of occasions when a survey of your property might be necessary, including:

  • building a new house;
  • adding on to existing house;
  • requested by a lending institution;
  • property line clarification;
  • adding any structure to your property (garage, carport etc)
  • What areas does 360 Land Surveying cover?

We are based in Vancouver and we focus our services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, the North Shore and Bowen Island.

  • Do I need a survey if I have a Title Insurance?



We use these resources to find basic information about your property and there is no reason why you cannot use it too. 



  • Topographic Survey - 1 inch to 8 foot, steep lot - (OPEN)
  • Topographic Survey - 1 inch to 16 foot (typical for Vancouver) - (OPEN)
  • Topographic Survey - 1 inch to 16 foot (typical for Burnaby) - (OPEN)
  • Topographic Survey - 1 inch to 16 foot (typical for Richmond) - (OPEN)


Survey plans filed and registered in Land title office (lto)
  • Subdivision Plan - (OPEN)
  • Easement Plan - (OPEN)
  • Statutory Right of Way (SRW) - (OPEN)
  • Posting Plan - (OPEN)


(British Columbia Land Surveyor's Certificates of Location)
  • "Mortgage" Certificate - prepared for a lending institution (bank, credit union etc) - (OPEN)
  • "Encroachment scenario" - prepared to purpose of showing building encroaching (or not)  - (OPEN)
  • "NEC", construction stage - foundation certificate prepared during construction, certifying that foundation is built according to building permit plans - (OPEN)